BEIC registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office

On the 12th of July the Swedish Companies Registration Office registered Baltic Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC) as a non-profit making association.

Founding members are
Lithuanian Energy Institute (Lithuania)
Institute for Biogas, Waste Management & Energy (Germany)
Renewable Energy Technology International AB (Sweden)

Baltic Energy Innovation Centre objectives

  • provide support and information on the development of new technologies in the field of renewable energy and its business opportunities
  • raise funds through membership fees and applications for public funds in such amounts and in such manner as the Board allows to achieve the purposes and objectives of the Association
  • support the development of renewable and innovative energy technology in general and in the Baltic region and neighbouring regions, in particular, by providing a platform for cooperation in regional, national and international projects
  • promote renewable energy through dissemination activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops and newsletters
  • increase public and political awareness of the benefits of renewable energy